The Best Adventures Could Be Close to Home

Adventures Near and Far

Of course we all want to travel to far off places. Exploring new and exciting destinations and escaping our normal routines are what vacations are all about. But, do we really have to limit our adventures to just a couple of times a year? How many things close to home have you thought about doing or visiting but never have?

The Beauty of Close to Home Adventures

I bet right now you can think of one new adventure close to home. Is there a park you have never visited? A museum that you have been putting off for a rainy day? A trail that has been calling to you?

Adventure brings a feeling of exploration and breaks up our normal routines. It doesn’t matter where your adventures take place only that you take the time to seek them out and try something new!

Tired of Being Bored? Then Don’t Be Boring.

I read this phrase somewhere when I was looking for new things to try. At first I thought, “well, that’s rude” but after I thought about it for a while it seems pretty true. When we are bored it is because we are not growing and seeking new experiences. If you don’t want to be bored then don’t be.

Think Like a Tourist

If you were visiting your area what would you be looking for? What do you like to do? Kayaking? Hiking? Get a raft and float around for an afternoon on a lake. What would you like to learn? Is there a class or a meet up group nearby?

Try something new everyday. Even if it is something really small. I was bored one day on my hour long commute home from work and stopped to talk to a donkey! Yep, I really did. Every day I passed this sweet looking donkey that always happened to be right up against the fence when I drove by so I stopped and introduced myself. And, I videoed it. I cracked myself up with that little adventure. The farmer coming home was less than amused. He asked what I was doing and I tried to explain but he clearly was not the adventurous type and looked at me like I was nuts. Okay, maybe I did look a little “off” having an on video conversation with a roadside donkey but I have never forgotten that drive home.

Find Offbeat Attractions with Roadside America

I love finding weird, offbeat places and things to explore and try to figure out. One of my favorites lately has been our day trip to Bamahenge. This is a super cool free attraction about 45 minutes from home in Elberta, Alabama. We found it on one of our weekend camping trips. There are no signs to explain it or direct you to it but it was on the Roadside America app. There is also a website that helps you locate all kinds of offbeat attractions and oddities. You have to check this out and find some odd stuff around you. Bamahenge is identical in size to the original Stonehenge and even is correctly aligned with the summer solstice. As you leave and drive towards the Barber Marina, you will pass some dinosaurs hiding in the woods.Near the marina there was a small wooded area where we came across some knights in the woods.We made our way over the marina to have a look around and…… yep, no words for this one. Not quite sure how to explain her.Still trying to figure her out, we were walking back to the truck and discovered this big guy. Okay, fun time is over! I draw the line at GIANT spiders lol.That was enough adventure for one day.

Adventure Isn’t Going to Come to You- You Have to Go Find It

I am going to say it about a million more times: Life is meant to be an adventure. But, no one said all adventures have to be big.

Stop right now and make a list of everything you can think of that you are interested in, want to do or see. Make sure you have things on your list close to home as well as trips.

Adventures are everywhere! Go find yours!

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