Magic RV Travel Closet Picks Out Your Perfect Outfit

How To Create a Magic RV Travel Closet That Hands You a Perfect Outfit Every Morning

When you are planning your clothes for vacation, full time travel or even just everyday life, wouldn't it be great to have a magic closet that produces outfits every morning that makes you look and feel fabulous?

A magic closet can be your new best friend. It will save you so much time and money plus you will look amazing on your camping adventures. The best part- I bet you have everything you need.

Your magic closet is perfect for full time RV lifestyle. It is a small collection of clothes that all fit well in the colors that make you look awesome and can fit im your tiny RV closet. This is also referred to as a capsule wardrobe. 

Create Your Magic Closet In a Couple of Hours

So, how do you create this magic closet for your camper that works equally well for whatever dwelling you call home? This is going to take a couple of hours so clear your afternoon and let's get started.

Step 1- Round 1

Pull absolutely everything out of your closet and throw it all on the bed. Leave the hangers on for now. If you have O.C.D. and messes make you crazy like me then now might be a good time for a glass of wine. I promise it gets better.  This should go quickly so don't overthink the process.

Create 4 piles:

  • love it (definitely keep)
  • not sure (come back to this)
  • nope, it's gone (donate or sell)
  • why is this even in here? (trash or repurpose)

Everything should now be in a pile.

Step 2 Round 2

Second time around for the "love it" and "maybe" piles:

  • love it- try everything on. If you don't love how it fits then it needs to go in another pile. 
  • maybe-rethink each piece in this pile. If it didn't make the cut the first time why are you thinking of keeping it? If you still aren't sure leave it in the maybe pile. You will box it up and go through again in a couple months. Kind of like a security blanket, it is there if you decide you really need it. 

Step 3

Choosing Your Color Scheme for Your Capsule Wardrobe

This is the fun part. It is time to pick your color scheme and you need to decide what colors look best on you. Look back over your "love it" pile and I bet you will see certain colors repeating. 

Determine if your skin tone is warm or cool using undertones:

Warm skin tone has orange or yellow undertones and cool has blue or pale pink.

What jewelry do you look best in?

Gold looks best on warm skin tones and silver looks best with cool.

Look at your wrists:

If your veins look greenish your skin tone is warm, if you see blue or purple you have cool skin tone.

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe With Colors That Make You Look Amazing

Now that you know your skin tone, you can easily choose colors that look great on you and build your magic closet around those colors. 

Colors That Make  Skin Tones Light Up
  • Warm skin tones look best in true reds, orange, yellow, yellow green.
  • Cool skin tones are fabulous in true green, blue and purple.

This is your new color scheme. Mix with neutrals black, brown, white and grey.

Step 4 Round 3 :Another Trip Around the Piles

Go back to your "keep" pile and move anything that is not in your color scheme into "maybe" or "nope". Immediately bag up the items in your "why is this even in here" pile to throw away, repurpose or use for projects/cleaning. Take this pile to it's new home (trash, craft area or cleaning supplies). 

Tackle the "nope" pile. If you will be donating the items, take a picture of the pile and bag it up and take to your car now. Leave out anything you might want to sell. 

For now leave your "maybe" and "keep" pile on the bed. 

Step 5 Rounds 4 and 5

We have to go through all of your drawers now. Empty them all on the bed and start sorting into your 4 piles.

Don't overthink just do it.....

Go through all of it. Make sure everything in your "love it" pile fits and is in your new color scheme. Get rid of your "why is this even in here" pile. Keep "maybe" stuff on the bed, put your underwear and workout clothes back in the drawers and leave everything else out. 

One last sorting before we get to the really fun, magic stuff. Go get all of your shoes and do the same process: pull everything out, seperate into 4 piles, keep what you wear often, get rid of stuff that shouldn't even be in there, bag or box up donate stuff and put "maybe" with the other "maybe" stuff. 

Step 6 The Magic In Your Capsule Wardrobe Magic Closet

Ready for the magic that will make your life so much easier everyday?

Go grab a white sheet and lay it on your bed. Neatly take a picture of each item in your "keep" pile then put everything away. Also take pictures of your favorite jewelry. 

Now, open the APP store in your phone and download "Stylebook" It is $2.99 and worth every cent. This app will put together outfits for you everyday using your clothes and jewelry. 

Super Fun and Easy Way to Look Fabulous Everyday

How fun is it going to be to get dressed everyday and know you will wear only outfits that are the perfect color for you and fit you perfectly? Download all of your pictures so you can pick an outfit from the app and pull it out quickly from  your newly organized Magic Closet!

You can easily scale your magic closet so that it fits in your RV closet. My goal is to have my tops and dresses hanging and everything else in drawers under the hanging clothes. Shoes will go in shoe organizers around the bed. 

Go create your own magic and be your own kind of beautiful. 

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