Quick Trip to Ohio Without the Camper and I Miss It!

So, we had to make an unexpected trip this week to Ohio for family reasons. I have a bit of anxiety about the cleanliness of hotels so oddly enough traveling is a little unsettling for me which is why I LOVE having a travel trailer. I always know the beds are clean with no bed bugs, the dishes are washed properly and if there are germs in the bathroom then they are our germs.  The campgrounds in Ohio are not open yet so the camper had to stay behind on this trip. Oh boy…….

We went camping over the weekend so we got home on Sunday, unloaded and packed up to leave Monday morning for Ohio. The fur babies like to travel so got them settled and hit the road

We stopped outside of Nashville on the way here at a Holiday Express. It was super clean but a pain in the rear to bring all the suitcases up for an overnight stay. The 8 a.m. housekeeping knocks and shouting outside our door was not pleasant but it got us up and on our way a little earlier than we probably would have without the wake up knock.

Not Exactly What I Was Hoping For

The campgrounds up here are not open yet for the season so we chose a cabin in Deer Creek State Park. The cabin is a bit expensive especially now that we are used to paying less than $35 for campground site but I was hoping that since the first night went well that the cabin would be clean also.

We arrived at our cabin and it is right on the lake. We saw so many deer as we were pulling into the park so I can see why it is called Deer Creek. Walking up I was still hopeful that it was going to be nice. I may be a bit biased but our cabins/cottages at Gulf State Park are pretty awesome so that was my expectation. Not so much……

Pet Friendly Cabin at Deer Creek State Park

We opened the door to the cabin and it is pretty dated and needs some attention. I was still okay with that as long as it was clean.  So far the only things that really seems clean are the white sheets on the beds.  I really do not like to be negative but to be honest, this cabin is not worth the amount of money they charge for it. The dishes in the cabinets are seriously dirty. I pulled a coffee cup out and it still had coffee in the bottom of it. The stove, which we won’t use anyway, has crumbs on it and the rings around the burners are pretty gross. Counters need wiped down and the curtains all have stains on them. How does that even happen? The worst part is this morning a roach went walking by.

Spike is afraid of everything so at this point he won’t touch the floor. That part is kind of funny. He won’t sit directly on the couches but wants to be either on our laps or in his travel thingy. He keeps letting Meow Meow know when she needs to come and take a look at something. She is the brave one in this duo and handles all bug situations. She is absolutely loving the screen porch. Meow Meow doesn’t get to go outside very much so this is like a real adventure vacation for her. She runs back and forth out there yelling at the birds and critters. These 2 Turkey Vultures are bigger than she is.


We are only going to be here a couple of days so we will make the most of it. We are going to spend some much needed time with Bill’s sister and husband, check out the pool and hot tub in the Lodge and make this another one of our adventures. But next time……. I really want to take our home on wheels!!!

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