Cheap and Easy Way to Organize Your RV Pantry

Organize Your RV Pantry

The kitchen is the hardest to organize in your RV or camper. There is so much stuff that has to go into a tiny amount of space. To organize your RV pantry,  you have to make the best use of all available space. This little closet area was a huge waste. All we stored in it was the trash can, broom and some cleaning supplies. Meanwhile our overhead cabinets were full of can goods, snack thrown all over, bread etc. It really was just a mess of stuff up there. What we needed was a shelving system to make use of the space from the bottom of the closet to as far up as possible but the width was hard to find in any kind of premade shelves. I know I could have made some shelves myself but I am way too impatient and what if I changed my mind and had to take it all out?

RV pantry organization using plastic crates

Use These Storage Crates to Organize Your RV Pantry

I stumbled on these storage crates and they were the perfect dimensions to fit right in the closet. I ordered 6 of them- 4 for this closet and 2 for a very genius idea I had for the bathroom that I will show you next.  These crates lock into each other so I stacked them in there. To make everything a little more stable I used  a clear cable tie to attach them to each other. There is a deep wire basket in front of the shelves that can be used for bread and chips that we use frequently. When we are traveling I will need to put some small tension rods in front to help hold it into place but it seems pretty snug on it’s own.

Now that I have a ton of open space in the overhead compartments and everything isn’t all jumbled in there together.

Next, I have been working on organizing and making more space in the bathroom and I can’t wait to show you my crazy idea! Trust me, this one I did not find on Pinterest.


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