Pie Iron Recipes

Pie Iron Recipes


 Stress Free Camping Trip

Everyone talks about how great camping food is but in all honesty, it is a LOT of work! When we go camping the last thing I want to do is work. I want to relax with family and have a great time not spend a ton of time cooking and making meals. Save all that hard work for the holidays. For camping I want quick, easy ideas for great food.

What if you could do a little prep before you leave and then everyone could make their own meals and have fun doing it? What if you could even sneak in a way to get the kids to clean up after themselves?

Bring on the Pie Iron Recipes

Kids love to cook. Why not get them their own cooking kits to get them excited to fix their own food.  Keep it super simple- a pie iron and a mess kit in a mesh bag. They can safely have fun making their own pie iron recipes and learn how to cook. Everyone should have their own cooking/meal kits so you can all cook at the same time and sit down to eat together. After dinner cleanup is a breeze. My boys loved having their own meal kits and actually thought it was fun to wash their dishes and hang to dry for the next cooking adventure.  What? Kids can be excited to cook and clean? All part of the camping adventure fun plus you are sneaking in some life skills. Sshhh- don’t tell them that part. Let them think it is just all fun.

Best part- no mess, no cleanup and everyone eats with no complaining. Score!!!

Here is your kid’s meal kits- pretty simple. A pie iron, mess kit and a mesh bag = no stress camping trip for you! Important tip when purchasing a pie iron- make sure you get a square one like the one below. The round ones that you commonly see in stores cut off half of the bread or crust and makes much smaller meals.

Pie Iron Cooking Tips

  • Choose cast iron pie makers over aluminum. They will last a lifetime and heat up evenly.
  • Season your pie makers before the 1st use: when you purchase your iron there will be a coating on it to prevent rust in transit and storage. Melt this coating off by putting the iron on a heat source, like your grill’s hot coals, open with plates open and facing the heat. Heat for 15 minutes, flip for a few more minutes. Let it cool and then scrub until all of the reside is removed.  This is the ONLY time you will use soap on your pie iron. Rinse and dry well then coat with Crisco or some kind of shortening. Place back on the coals face up for 5 minutes and then flip towards the heat for 5 minutes. Let cool and repeat 3 more times.  You can repeat these steps anytime your food starts to stick to the pie maker.
  • Cooking spray is much easier to use than butter or spreads when cooking. Spray the outside of your “crust” instead of trying to spread butter.
  • Make sure to supervise kids when they are cooking their own pie iron meals. These cast iron cookers hold their heat for a long time. Be sure to show them how to hold the cooker by the handles and never touch the handles. Maybe even have pot holders ready for them to use. These cookers take a long time to cool off.

Pie Iron Recipe Cooking

You will be amazed what these little cast-iron pans can do. Toast, bake and grill right on the campfire. The ideas for pie iron recipes are truly endless- grilled cheese, pizzas, tacos and so much more. After dinner is over, it is time for the sweet stuff (or before- this is your camping trip and no one is judging so go for it!) You can make amazing mini pies, cinnamon rolls, smores and …….

Easy Make Your Own Pie Iron Recipes

The basic idea is to put in some sort of crust with butter or cooking spray  on the outside (pizza crust, tortillas, bread, crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls) and fill it with some sort of yumminess, close the pie iron and cook until done.

To make things even easier at the campground, prep some ingredients at home. Cook ground meat ahead of time, cut up vegetables, cook rice etc and put in gallon food bags. Freeze flat to save room in your freezer or cooler. Shredded cheese and other toppings are easier stored in bags also.

Fillings for these pie iron recipes have endless possibilities: pizza toppings, tacos, canned stews, eggs with cheese/sausage, pie fillings- just use your imagination and think about all the things you and your family would love to add.

Full Week of Pie Iron Recipe Ideas (more coming soon)

Pie Iron Recipes Breakfast

Eggs in a Nest Pie

Who doesn’t love hash browns, eggs, cheese and maybe add a little sausage for breakfast.



Stuffed French Toast

Cinnamon Bread, cream cheese, butter and bananas for breakfast. Need I say more?



cinnamon rolls in pie iron

Cinnamon Rolls In Pie Iron

No other description necessary for this one- who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?



Hash browns in a pie iron with cheese and bacon with sour creamPie Iron Stuffed Hashbrowns

Hash browns, sour cream, cheese and bacon? Yes please!



Pie Iron Recipes Dinners

Pie Iron Pizzas crust pepperoni and cheesePie Iron Recipe Pizza Pockets

Who doesn’t love pizza and making one on a fire makes it even better!



Pie Iron Philly Cheese Steaks with peppers

Pie Iron Philly Cheesesteaks

Gooey, fabulous cheesesteaks over the fire.

Pie Iron Desserts

Powder sugar covered pie iron fruit pie


Easy Pie Iron Fruit Pies

Remember how easy and delicious these are? A couple pieces of bread, fruit pie filling, cook for a few minutes and then sprinkle with powdered sugar. Oh yeah!