Foil Packet Meals

How Foil Packet Meals Changed Our Lives

Photo cheddar potatoes cooked in foil

Okay, that might have been a bit over the top but foil packet meals definitely changed our camping trips.

Sure, we could have pulled out all of the pots and pans and cook over the stove or even used a slow cooker and dinner would have been done when we got back from playing but this is camping. Your kids will never forget helping to make their own campfire food and then cooking it over the fire or grill.

Foil packet meals are the perfect way to feed your hungry family. Everyone puts in their own ingredients, wraps it up in heavy duty foil, place it on the campfire coals, grate over a low fire, grill or even in the oven if the weather is not cooperating and in about a half hour dinner is done! The best part- the kids will eat because they made their own meal and NO dishes to clean. How great is that?

Foil Packet Meals  Cooking Tips

  • Only use heavy duty foil- this is not the time for the thin stuff
  • Seal the edges by folding not just crunching it closed
  • Don’t try to put the foil packets on an open flame. The food will burn before it gets thoroughly cooked. You can use a grate over a low fire or wait until the fire has burned down and you have mature coals.
  • Verify that your campground provides fire pits. Some don’t but allow you to bring your own. Also make sure that fires are allowed. If not, no worries. You can still cook all of your foil recipes on the grill.

This Magic App Will Plan Your Camping Meals For You

I might have exaggerated on this just a little but the Meal Board app really will make it super easy to plan your camping meals.

I could give you a list of the top 10 camping recipes for breakfast or dinner  but wouldn’t it be much easier for you to plan for the meals your family will eat and not waste time looking through a random list? Great, that’s what I thought too so I have a better idea.

Download the Meal Board app, go to recipes, import recipes at the bottom and search foil packet. Use the search bar in the middle of the page that says recipe search and not the top web search bar. Add any recipes that sound good. Then go to the little calendar at the top left to create a menu. Add a recipe to each day and the app automatically creates a shopping list for the ingredients. You can then email or print the list. Include breakfast recipes and dinners with sides if you are going to be grilling meat and need something to go with it. Of course, don’t forget to add in recipes for pie iron desserts. I always carried a big bag of trail mix with us when we were out on our adventures so you might want to search for a recipe for that as well.

Let Someone Else Shop for Your Camping Food for FREE and  Save $10

Walmart Grocery Pickup is seriously one of the best things invented. Download the grocery app, put all of the items on your camping food shopping list from above, pick a time to pick up and that is it! Grocery shopping in just a few minutes. They will send you an email when your order is ready, you check in on your way and they load the car for you. AWESOME.

If they are out of something on your list they will substitute something on the same quality level or better for no additional charge and you have the right to refuse it when you get there.

The only downside is that you cannot use coupons with this service at this time.

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Make Your Foil Packet Meal Kits

Once you have all the ingredients it is time to make your camping meal kits. Preparing everything in advance means no prep time at the campsite, no dishes to wash and everything is organized and ready. Prepare one meal at a time. Cut up all the vegetables needed, precook rice or pasta and cut up or get the meat ready. Put each in separate plastic gallon size bags. Put all of the bags together in a plastic shopping bag and tie closed. On the bag write the name of the meal and directions to cook with a sharpie. Put the bag in the freezer until packing for your trip. If you will be using a cooler for your camping trip this will help keep it cold but you might want to put the meals into an additional trash bag to keep water from melted ice from making a mess.

Make up big batches of trail mix and separate into daily servings whether you want to do just one big bag each day for everyone or go ahead and make a smaller bag for each person for each day. Trail mix has everything you need to keep energy up all day long.