Camping Food Ideas

Fuel Your Family’s Adventures with These Super Easy Camping Food Ideas

Summer is meant to be spent outdoors as much as possible enjoying nature and relaxing especially when you are camping. Even at home in your backyard you don’t want to spend your free time cooking and cleaning right? You want easy camping meals  that will fuel your family’s adventures but you don’t want to spend hours to feed everyone well.

When we go camping breakfast and dinner are our biggest camping meals. Lunch is something simple since we will be out having fun all day . A big breakfast will give everyone energy for all day activities. You will probably be starving in the evening when it is time for dinner. When we started camping this is where our day often started to go downhill. We would all be starving, tired and maybe a little sunburned.  To get dinner on the table we had to start the fire or the grill, get all the food out, prepare it, stand over the hot fire or grill to cook it.    At least one of us by that point had become “hangry” and the happy camping mood had changed. My over organized brain knew there had to be an easier way.

The best idea I ever had when it comes to camping with kids was to make them in charge of their own food and cleanup.

Foil Packet Meals

Photo cheddar potatoes cooked in foil


We started with foil packet meals. The boys could make their own meal in foil, fold up the edges and in 30 minutes dinner was done. No cleanup, no dishes for me to clean and everyone was happy to eat what they made. Click here to find out how to make this all work.



Pie Iron Meals

cinnamon rolls in pie iron

The most fabulous idea ever for kids camping meals is to get them their own camping meals kits. Give your kids the freedom to safely make their own camping meals with a pie iron and how to make cleanup so fun that they race to be the first to clean their dishes.