Camping doesn’t always go according to plan but the experience is totally worth it.

Mission impossible- our first camping trip this year

So, we were really excited to be going on our first camping trip of the year. We live in south Alabama and the weather went from literally freezing to 80 degrees quickly. To be honest we really didn’t winterize the camper after our last trip because it doesn’t normally get too cold for too long here. This year was different. We had a few weeks of pretty cold weather and several days in a row below freezing. We were a little concerned we might have some kind of damage.

No winter damage but want to know how to get rid of black mold in your camper fridge? Ask me how I know… ugh!

After a quick visual inspection at the storage lot I was feeling better. No visible signs of damage so we started making plans. The night before we were leaving I read a Facebook post about mistakes newbies make when it comes to RVing and one of the points was to never store a camper with the fridge and freezer closed because mold can grow quickly. Uh-oh! We definitely made that mistake and I hadn’t thought to check that when I was at storage checking on things. We seemed to have been lucky with the freezing temperatures not causing any damage so could we be that lucky twice? Nope! The next morning I nervously opened the refrigerator and yuck! Black mold…… It could have been much worse but we were supposed to be leaving in a couple hours. YouTube to the rescue. Want to know how to get rid of mold in the fridge quickly and easily? A spray bottle, white vinegar mixed equal parts with water, rubber gloves, mask and paper towels saved the day. I sprayed everything, took out the shelves, waited 5 minutes and started wiping it all down. Amazing! The mold wiped out quickly and I didn’t have to use chemicals where we would be putting food.

Problem one of the camping adventure solved so moving on to the next

We got a late start because of the mold situation and normal last minute delays. We wanted to be at the campground by 3pm and according to my directions it was going to take 2 hours and 45 minutes to get there. It was close to 2 before we left so no way we were going to be there at 3. No worries, this is camping and as long as we get there before dark it’s fine. It is no fun setting up at a new campground in the dark. Well, turns out it took about 3 hours and 45 minutes so we were pulling in just as the sun was setting. Our campsite was beautiful. Right along the water and the sites were huge. We had a pull thru which was a nice surprise. Things are looking better and we were looking forward to getting all settled in. Not so fast, another curveball coming. The campsite was so uneven it took us forever to get it as level as possible. We have always had pretty level sites so this was a new learning experience. We had to jack the back up so much that the tires weren’t touching the ground. I still don’t know if that is safe. Over an hour later we had it level enough and headed inside to eat and relax.

When all else fails, hit it with a hammer

To start this part of our adventure story first I have to tell you how much I hate public restrooms. Part of the reason I love our camper is because I don’t have to use the bathrooms at campgrounds. Not that they are usually gross but I just don’t like them. So we came into the camper, we had been traveling for over 4 hours and I went straight to the bathroom. Turned the doorknob and it wouldn’t open. It wasn’t locked, it just wouldn’t open. The little mechanism inside that usually moves back and forth when you turn the doorknob wasn’t moving. Really? We tried everything we could think of but it was clear that thing was not going to work. We were tired, hungry, aggravated and that is a bad combination. Bill said he was going to have to take the doorknob off. Okay, that didn’t sound too bad except the screws to take it off were on the inside. No woman ever wants to hear her husband say ” hand me my hammer” and then” don’t worry, we will fix it” And even worse I just wanted in the bathroom so out came the tools. He got the doorknob off but it still wouldn’t open so out came the crow bar to the newly painted door and wall. A couple minutes later at least we could use the bathroom. Time to get settled in. At least the fur babies seem to be relaxed.

Tomorrow will be a better day right?

It had gotten way too late to put our outside stuff out and put up the awning so that was on my list for first thing in the morning. The lake was beautiful so I spent a little time on enjoying the peace before getting to work. Got all the stuff out of storage and the tool to pull the awning. Isn’t there supposed to be a little strap to pull? Maybe I forgot how to do it since I have only done it a couple of times. The YouTube video explained that the strap probably rolled up in the awning the last time we put it away. Oh great! I didn’t know if that meant we wouldn’t be able to use it anymore or how in the world I was going to pull out the awning without the strap. After An hour of google searches and YouTube videos I figured out you can pull awning by slowly pulling on each arm a little at a time until the strap falls out. Yay!

Turned out to be a pretty great camping weekend

We had a few more small annoyances- the refrigerator took over 24 hours to get cold and we still aren’t sure it is working correctly but overall the weekend turned out pretty great.

I kayaked the same area where the world’s biggest alligator was caught, walked the nature trail along the lake, learned about some cool nature stuff with iNaturalist app, campfire, Spike got to go on several walks and basically just did nothing but sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Camping is so worth the effort whether you are tent camping or in a camper/Rv and as I sit here watching the sun go down on this weekend trip I am already planning for our next one.

Happy Camping

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