5 Reasons Why I Won’t Travel Again Without Our Camper

I guess I have become a little spoiled having our own mini home on wheels. We made an unexpected 800 mile trip from Alabama to Ohio to visit family and we decided to stay in a state park cabin instead of bringing the camper. Big mistake! Here are my 5 reasons why I refuse to travel again without our camper.

Reason #1 It Is Such A Pain to Drag Suitcases Into A Hotel

I have tried to plan for overnight bags so we don’t have to drag everything into the room for just a quick stop. I usually forget something which means a parking lot scavenger hunt through all of the bags and suitcases. I have given that up and just bring everything in each time.

In our camper, I just put everything where it needs to be before we leave and for the most part it is still there when we get to our destination. A couple of times rough roads have moved things around a little but it’s super easy to find relocated items pretty quickly since they end up all over the floor.

Reason #2 Cleanliness, Germs and Bugs

I am going to admit right away that I am a bit of a germaphobe so hotels have always freaked me out a bit. The sticky, weird carpets in most hotels make me keep my flip flops on most of the time. Why in the world do they all have carpet? Gross! Then I crawl into the bed after a thorough inspection for bed bugs. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a phrase that gives me nightmares. Want to watch a little TV before bed? Not without wiping everything down with disinfectant. Showering in the morning is a whole new adventure. Were the towels really bleached after the last person or am I drying off with someone else’s remnants?

The cabin we just stayed in was so dirty and I never really relaxed. The stove was so nasty that there was no way I was going to cook on it.

I clean my own little mini home so I know it is clean or at least our own germs. When we pack up to come home from camping I am usually a little grumpy because we are leaving. On this trip to the cabin I was grumpy because I couldn’t pack fast enough to get going.

Reason #3 Fur Children

Another thing I really don’t understand are the crazy pet fees that “pet friendly” hotels charge. I can kind of understand a small additional fee charged when traveling with a pet but one place we stayed in charged $75 per night per pet. For what exactly? All the carpet in the room probably didn’t cost that much. Plus, I spend a good amount of time crawling around on the sticky floor when we arrive making sure there isn’t anything that one of the fur children may find and eat that could make them sick. Okay, in case you are wondering I am well aware of how odd that is. I already warned you about my germ issues right?

In our camper the fur children have their own little room with all of their stuff and they love sitting in their “window seat”.

Reason #4 Disgusting Public Restrooms

We have now circled back again to my germ issues with the most serious of the problems with travel for me. Everyone that knows me knows just how much I hate public restrooms! Yuck!!!!!! We stopped at one yesterday that was so bad I had to roll up my pant legs before braving the scariness of that stall. There was no amount of sanitizer that would have made that place okay. I have heard that women’s restrooms are always worse than men’s. Ladies, please keep in mind the mental anguish it causes some of us to go in there after you have been less than sanitary when doing your business. Ha ha.

I LOVE having my own bathroom towed behind us. When we stop for gas I run in there instead of having to pull up my big girl pants (literally) and go into the unknown world of gas station restrooms. Our camper bathroom is a work in progress but I know it is clean. Don’t look at the stuff in the sink- that is where I put the stuff from the medicine cabinet when we travel. That darn thing will not stay closed. Another upcoming project.

Reason #5 Quick Stops While Traveling are Easier With the Camper

We have spent way too much money on this trip for unhealthy fast food. When we have a stocked up camper with us we can just pull over, go in and make a quick lunch and have a nice little travel break. To be perfectly honest, we probably would still spend way too much on junk food but it feels better at least having the option. We have been in crazy stop and go traffic for 2 straight days and I wish we could just pull off the highway at a rest stop and take a nice break.

We drove forever yesterday trying to make the 12 hour trip home without stopping at another hotel. It became clear after 11 hours that was not going to happen. Traveling south on the Friday before Easter when everyone is on spring break was just not good planning on our part. We were in traffic the entire day. We still had another 5 hours to go and we were just done for the day. Apparently all those spring breakers had the same idea because it was tough finding a hotel with a vacancy. We finally found one but we had to drive 15 minutes out of the way to get there. It would have been so nice to just find a Walmart parking lot to get some rest. Free, quick and we wouldn’t have had to unload and load the stuff. Plus, I could have finished up Easter shopping instead of doing it tonight if we ever make it home.

If the traffic gods are nice to us, we should be home in 3 hours from this trip that seems to be never ending and I have decided this is our last road trip without our mini home pulled behind us.

Sorry Bill- remember when you told me that once I started planning awesome beach vacations that you couldn’t go back to the old ways? Well guess what? That’s how I feel now about traveling with the camper. Now that we live at the beach I guess I better start planning our compromise vacation- California to see the boys WITH the camper.

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